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GXP services are intended to guarantee that goods are manufactured in a way that is safe, and consistent and that they satisfy quality, safety, and efficacy criteria set by regulations. GxP Technical Consulting Services are necessary to guarantee that customers may obtain safe and high-quality products. 

With over 25 years of combined expertise in the pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotech industries, our team of experts will help clients achieve and maintain compliance with the most recent laws by helping them build efficient SOPs, procedures, and policies. 

Computer System Validation

GxP Technical Consulting Service plays a crucial role in the Computer System Validation (CSV) process within regulated industries, ensuring the reliability, consistency, and compliance of computerized systems, especially in sectors like pharmaceuticals and medical devices. This validation process adheres to industry standards like GAMP 5 (Good Automated Manufacturing Practice) and EU Annex 11, complemented by the regulatory mandate of 21 CFR Part 11 for electronic records and signatures. 

The regulation mandates strict controls and documentation for any changes to the computerized system, promoting transparency, accountability, and data integrity throughout its lifecycle.  the combined guidance of GAMP 5 and EU Annex 11 provides a robust framework for Computer System Validation, instilling confidence in the reliability and GxP compliance solutions of computerized systems within regulated industries. Adhering to these standards is essential to meet regulatory requirements and foster a culture of data integrity assurance.  Also empower your business with innovative IoT solutions, connecting devices and transforming data into actionable intelligence. Enhance your operations and meet regulatory standards with our GxP Technical Consulting Service.  

Ensuring Compliance: Validation of Software According to GAMP 5, EU Annex 11, and 21 CFR Part 11

21 CFR Part 11 stands as a crucial regulatory requirement, outlining stringent standards for electronic records and signatures. This regulation mandates the security, reliability, and accuracy of electronic records, along with ensuring the validity and legal binding of electronic signatures.   Applicable across regulated industries, including pharmaceuticals and medical devices, 21 CFR Part 11 plays a pivotal role in governing computerized systems. Consider Outsource GxP Compliance Services to ensure seamless adherence to these regulatory standards. 

Utilizing the V-Model of GAMP-5 for Software Qualification

Our approach to software qualification aligns with the V-model of GAMP-5, providing a systematic and thorough validation process. This model encompasses planning, specification, design, testing, and maintenance phases, ensuring software compliance and effectiveness.  GAMP 5, EU Annex 11, and 21 CFR Part 11 form a comprehensive framework ensuring the reliability, consistency, and compliance of computerized systems in regulated industries, particularly in pharmaceuticals and medical devices. 

From concept to deployment, our comprehensive software development services cater to your unique needs, ensuring robust and Customized solutions.

Critical Role of Computer System Validation (CSV)

CSV emerges as a critical process in the realm of regulated industries, ensuring the effective operation and compliance solutions of computerized systems. This process is indispensable in meeting regulatory requirements and maintaining the integrity of electronic records and signatures. 

Our Expertise: Software Validation Services

Our team of experts specializes in validating software according to the stringent requirements of GAMP 5, EU Annex 11, and 21 CFR Part 11. Below is a list of software successfully validated by our team: 

  • LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) 
  • SAP (Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing) 
  • (e-QMS) Track Wise 
  • BMS (Building Management System) 
  • Empower-3, Chromeleon 7.3 
  • Lab Solution, Tiamo, Autopol, Lab X, Mass Hunter 
  • SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) 
  • Other Production and Laboratory Software 

Trust our team to deliver comprehensive and meticulous validation services, ensuring your software meets the highest standards of compliance and reliability. 

Embrace the future with our NextGen software solutions, crafted to meet evolving technological demands and drive digital transformation. 

Operational Excellence Unleashed

Operational Excellence is a continuous journey of improvement, focusing on efficiency, waste reduction, and top-tier quality in GMP. It’s the key to elevating customer satisfaction, reducing risks, and boosting profitability. Embedded in management systems, it ensures both short-term gains and long-term growth. Consider GxP Technical Consulting to enhance your operational efficiency further. 

The company must adapt to the ever-changing business landscape, foster a culture of continuous improvement through training, process reviews, and innovation, and continually evolve and reinvent. 

Enhancing Operational Excellence: Process Simplification and Productivity Improvement

Efficiency and compliance are paramount in today’s competitive landscape. Process Simplification and Productivity Improvement play key roles in achieving operational excellence. This involves optimizing processes, ensuring regulatory compliance, and maintaining product quality. For Customized solutions, consider GxP Consultancy in UAE. 

Understanding Productivity Metrics

Productivity is a measure of resource efficiency, while Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) combines machine availability, performance, and quality to assess manufacturing process efficiency. Elevating productivity and OEE is vital for long-term success, offering benefits such as reduced costs, increased output, and improved product quality.

Reduce Paperwork through Automation

We simplify processes using databases and software. Staff can swiftly access files in cloud-based software. Caution is exercised in tool selection to ensure customization for business needs. Our team conducts a thorough assessment of automation potential. Coordination with vendors is key to implementing suitable tools for enhanced productivity.

Standardize Processes for Simplification

Similar processes are identified and consolidated. Grouping procedures, like collecting and authenticating signatures, significantly streamline activities. Our team reviews the entire process landscape, focusing on simplification. The goal is to improve productivity and ease of operation.

Improve the Lifetime of Assets

Timely intervention is emphasized for old or faulty equipment. Investing in high-quality equipment is crucial to prevent breakdowns and enhance efficiency. The approach addresses the impact of faulty equipment on process delays and resource wastage. The emphasis is on contributing to overall operational efficiency.

Integrate All Technologies for Enhanced Productivity

Significance is placed on the integration of technologies, such as HVAC systems. Instrument interfaces linked with LIMS expedite product release times. Our guidance focuses on seamlessly integrating technologies for increased productivity. The aim is to recognize and navigate the complexity of production processes.

OEE Improvement for Optimal Performance

Our team evaluates trends in equipment usage in production and quality control. Maximizing the utilization of existing equipment is a priority. Uncovering hidden potential within processes is a systematic approach we undertake. The end goal is to improve production processes, providing accurate reporting and monitoring.

Cybersecurity for Digital Asset Protection

Implementation of a multi-layered approach to cybersecurity. Safeguarding computer systems, networks, and digital assets from unauthorized access and malicious attacks. Minimizing the risk of cyber-attacks is a critical concern. Our experts play a vital role in protecting your digital assets and operations through effective cybersecurity measures.

Site Remediation Solutions

Our site remediation services address manufacturing, laboratory, and process issues, ensuring compliance with regulations. Triggered by regulatory reviews, FDA-483 observations, or Warning Letters, we respond promptly with comprehensive remediation plans within regulatory timelines.  

Our team specializes in resolving data integrity issues, revamping quality culture, redeploying QMS, conducting risk assessments, and overseeing Greenfield projects, ensuring ongoing monitoring and improvement. 

GMP Audit Services Explained:

GMP audit services are a meticulous examination of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) within an organization, ensuring adherence to guidelines that govern the consistent and controlled production of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and food products. GMPs are designed to meet stringent quality standards, emphasizing product safety and uniformity in appearance and functionality with each production cycle. For comprehensive evaluations, consider GxP Audit Services in UAE. 

Key Components of GMP Audit Services:

A team of auditors, well-versed in GMP requirements and up-to-date with industry standards, meticulously reviews an organization’s manufacturing processes, documentation, facilities, and quality control procedures. The audit encompasses the assessment of five critical subsystems: 

Audit Outcomes and Recommendations:

Following the audit, our experienced team provides a comprehensive report, outlining findings and offering recommendations for improvement where necessary. This quality systems approach ensures that all subsystems undergo assessment, fostering a holistic understanding of an organization’s compliance with GMP standards.

Our Comprehensive GMP Audit Services Include:

Third Party Audit

Rigorous examination ensuring adherence to GMP standards. Specialized services such as Data Integrity, Gap assessment, Pre and post-inspection audit, and FDA (MOCK) audit.

Vendor Identification Audit

Assessment of processes for identifying, evaluating, selecting, and monitoring vendors.

Vendor Development Audit

Evaluation of processes for developing and enhancing vendor performance.

Vendor Approval Audit

Assessment of processes for approving and qualifying vendors, including detailed material analysis.

Periodic Audit

Conducted at regular intervals to assess compliance with regulatory requirements or industry best practices.

Expertise You Can Trust

Our auditors bring extensive experience, training, and knowledge of the latest industry standards to every GMP audit. These services are indispensable in upholding.

Choose our GxP services for a thorough, reliable, and expert evaluation of your manufacturing practices. 

Training and People Development Simplified:

Competency Assessment for Customized Training Needs:

Adapting to Technological Evolution:

Effective Training Strategies:

cGMP, GDP, or GLP Training:

Audit Behavior and FDA Audit Readiness Training:

Computer System Validation (CSV) and Cybersecurity Assessment (CSA) Training:

Human Error Reduction Training

Scientific Investigations Training

Soft Skills and Leadership Training

On-Demand Customized Training Modules


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